on Feb 10, 2015
Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

Genre(s): Steampunk / Dystopian / Fantasy

Series: The Great Iron War Book #1

Blurb: In the world of Atladas, there are no more human births. The Regime is replacing the unborn with demons, while the Resistance is trying to destroy a drug called Hope that the demons need to survive.

Between these two warring factions lies Jacob, a man who profits from smuggling contraceptive amulets into the city of Blackout. He cares little about the Great Iron War, but a chance capture, and an even more accidental rescue, embroils him in a plot to starve the Regime from power.

When Hope is an enemy, Jacob finds it harder than he thought to remain indifferent. When the Resistance opts to field its experimental landship, the Hopebreaker, the world may find that one victory does not win a war.

Review: I wasn't sure what to expect when I began reading Hopebreaker. The premise was intruiging, a dystopian world where rebels fight to stop a demon drug. Add in some steampunk elements and you've got a readers attention. 

The beginning of the novel was a quite shaky, it starts off right in the middle of action which left  myself and probably other readers confused. Jacob then has several thoughts of exposition to pull the reader into the story. I wasn't a fan of this as the thoughts were seemingly random and other than explaining crucial points of the novel they served no real purpose to Jacob. Readers are aware of the need for exposition but it could have been integrated more seemlessly into the novel. 

As Jacobs adventure continues he comes into contact with the Resistance and decides to go with them. For some reason that at the time were not given. Later in the story there are several scenes pointing to Jacob's sympathy for the Resistance and he eventually stays with them out of mutual loathing for the Regime. However none of that is shown in the beginning and his going with a random group of strangers reads as odd as it would be in real life. 

The characters were interesting, but fairly stereotypical. 
  • Jacob, our main character, the rough bad boy smuggler turned resistance fighter, who discovers that friends are worth more than coils (money) 
  • Rommond, the stuffy, straight-laced millitary type who focuses on strategy and planning to win war
  • Taberah, the passionate rebel leader fighting side by side with her troops, who will risk her life any time the mission calls for it 
  • Whistler, the scruffy young teenager who knows nothing but war, yet retains a hint of childhood innocence
Sadly all these characters types are far too common, and there is very little that leads these particular characters to stand out. 

This book contained many repeated phrases, and a surprising abundance of similes, metaphors and comparisons. Sure these are common tools for writing, but this is the first book I've read to have one of the three on nearly every single page. Sentences such as, "...for the booming of its turret gun was like thunder form an angry god, and he thought that Rommond must have been very angry." These lead the story to a crashing halt and often didn't even make sense. 

Overall, despite an interesting concept, this book was a disappointment for me. Perhaps other readers will like it more than I did.

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About the AuthorDean F. Wilson was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1987. He started writing at age 11, when he began his first (unpublished) novel, entitled The Power Source. He won a TAP Educational Award from Trinity College Dublin for an early draft of The Call of Agon (then called Protos Mythos) in 2001.

He has published a number of poems and short stories over the years, while working on and reworking some of his novels. The Call of Agon is his first published novel.

Dean also works as a journalist, primarily in the field of technology. He has written for TechEye, Thinq, V3, VR-Zone, ITProPortal, TechRadar Pro and The Inquirer.

on Nov 28, 2014
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Genre(s): Young Adult / Contemporary / Fiction

Series: Stand Alone Novel

Publisher: Speak, an imprint of Penguin Group

Release Date: January 1st 2009

Review: Willow is a touching and unique tale of a young womans struggle with self-injury. 

From the very first page the reader is drawn into the world of Willow, it is a world filled with shame, suffering, guilt, and pain. Willow lives with an unfathomable weight on her shoulders, and her extreme answer to her heartache is to cut herself. My heart bleed for this incredibly authentic character. Her journey felt real, and served as a reminder that there are many who face this problem in reality. 

The book is written in third person limited, a point of view I don't usually care for, but which greatly compliments the story and offers a moving look at Willows everyday pains. This choice of POV prevents the reader from feeling bored and gives a more objective look at Willow's life. 

Guy is a stand out young adult male lead. He is quiet, thoughtful, far from seeming perfect or popular. His quickly becomes a steady confidant and friend for Willow. He is there with her as she reveals the reasons behind her actions, and as she overcomes the lure of the razor blade and pulls herself up from the bottom. I greatly admired the progression of Guy and Willow's relationship. It was interesting to see them start as friends and slowly fall in love. As Willow falls in love with Guy she opens up to the many emotions that she has been blocking since her parents death, her difficulty is evident as she comes to grips with her changed reality, finally admitting that her parents are gone and her world will never be the same.  

Throughout the book Willow has a difficult relationship with her brother, David. This wasn't always the case, and only changed when their parents died. Ever since then they have been stuck in silence or on occasion stilted, awkward short conversations. The resolution between them was truly beautiful and revealed the pain that they both were feeling, other truths that went previously unspoken and how much they both really loved each other. 

Not since Thirteen Reasons Why have I read a book in which a teens emotional distress was so profoundly written. While I feel I could write more on this story, I'll save the spoilers for future readers to discover for themselves. 

About the Author: Julia Hoban is a woman of many talents; She writes, designs her own clothes and handbags, and attended graduate school for physics and philosophy. She lives with her husband in New York City, and is working on her next novel (and outfit). 

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A Message from the Reviewer: 
Hello, everyone. I greatly enjoyed Willow and I hope my review was enjoyed as well.
However, there are friends, family, coworkers, even strangers on the bus who are living every day with a reality far too similar to Willow's. If you are struggling with self-injury or know someone who is, I encourage you to check out TO WRITE LOVE ON HER ARMS - this non-profit movement is dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.
You were created to love and be loved! <3

on Nov 16, 2014
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Genre(s): Young Adult / Paranormal / Romance

Series: The White Rabbit Chronicles #1 

Blurb: She won't rest until she's sent every walking corpse back to its grave. Forever.

Had anyone told Alice Bell that her entire life would change course between one heartbeat and the next, she would have laughed. But that's all it took. One heartbeat. A blink, a breath, a second, and everything she knew and loved was gone. 

Her father was right. The monsters are real. 

To avenge her family, Ali must learn to fight the undead. To survive, she must learn to trust the baddest of the bad boys, Cole Holland. But Cole has secrets of his own, and if Ali isn't careful, those secrets might just prove to be more dangerous than the zombies. 

Review: First off, Gena Showalter gets major points for the sheer awesomeness of that title. Just had to put that out there. 

Alice is the type of MC you will love instantly. She is humble, truthful, resilient, and rises to overcome whatever obstacles are in her path. The author gives us wonderful insight into the emotions and mindset of Alice. The reader feels every occurance as Alice does, and will be rooting for her throughout the entire novel. Go, Alice, Go,

On a personal note I found it very refreshing to read a teen/young adult who respects their parents, grandparents, etc. I have no problem with teens being independent but the contempt for parents and elders that permeates Young Adult fiction is something very disappointing in my eyes. It's good to see Alice exhibiting behavior that is based on lessons her parents taught her. Even though she believes they are gone, she loves her parents and hopes to one day reunite with them. 

There is only one way to describe Alices best friend Kat, and that is - unforgettable. I was unsure about her at first, fearful that she would be nothing more than one of the "Alice Cullen" clones that have run rampant in Young Adult fiction since the rise of Twilight. But I soon found myself enjoying her confident I-just-don't-care attitude. She acts cool and collected, but never with malice. Her brash attitude greatly compliments Alices quiet, introspective personality. In many way she felt like the Mad Hatter. *wink* Add to all this the fact that she was hilarious! Also, I now ship Kat+Frosty. Forever.

Now on to Cole. Oh, handsome, infuriating bad boy Cole.  Actually what I really loved about Cole was that he wasn't a bad guy. He (and his friends) fight zombies without praise or reward. Because of this they end up appearing at school and such with scraps and bruises, leading others to think they are just crazy, rebellious teens in a gang. Whether from pride or humility they don't seem to bother with what teachers and students think about their injuries or strange behavior. Cole is arrogant, a player, but ultimately you'll love him because of how much he loves Alice. I love these two together and they make an excellent team. Team Cole represent! 

If you're like me and find yourself reticent to join in the recent wave of zombie literature. I reluctantly admit to having several sleepless nights after watching World War Z. I encourage you to not let that keep you from reading this book. Showalter presents a very fresh take on zombies, her take on the creatures reveals an infected spirit longing to feed and spread its disease, and a good-vs-evil battle that is far more heroic than a cheap zombie horror flick could ever hope to be. 

Finally, those of us wondering what happened to the moral center of many Young Adult novels in recent years, can be assured that this novel remains firmly on the side of good and never wavers. Alice and her companions continually do the right thing no matter how hard that is. Readers will be wishing to hop in this story and join the fight along side them. 

I started and finished this book all in one day, which is proof enough of just how amazing it is! I tip my invisible hat to Gena Showalters immense talent. 


The Reviewer:

Hi, Runaway readers! Thank you so much for stopping by our website and checking out my review, I hope you enjoyed it. As some of you might have noticed I (Mab) have been absent on here for much of this year. That will change, unfortunately real life brought some unexpected challenges this year, but I'm excited to be back sharing my thoughts on books and occasionally just fangirling with you
 all. This is the first of three book reviews coming this week, I look forward to hearing your thoughts.  :) - M. A. Bronson
on Aug 10, 2014
Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews

"On the outside, Dina Demille is the epitome of normal. She runs a quaint Victorian Bed and Breakfast in a small Texas town, owns a Shih Tzu named Beast, and is a perfect neighbor, whose biggest problem should be what to serve her guests for breakfast. But Dina is...different: Her broom is a deadly weapon; her Inn is magic and thinks for itself. Meant to be a lodging for otherworldly visitors, the only permanent guest is a retired Galactic aristocrat who can’t leave the grounds because she’s responsible for the deaths of millions and someone might shoot her on sight. Under the circumstances, "normal" is a bit of a stretch for Dina. And now, something with wicked claws and deepwater teeth has begun to hunt at night....Feeling responsible for her neighbors, Dina decides to get involved. Before long, she has to juggle dealing with the annoyingly attractive, ex-military, new neighbor, Sean Evans—an alpha-strain werewolf—and the equally arresting cosmic vampire soldier, Arland, while trying to keep her inn and its guests safe. But the enemy she’s facing is unlike anything she’s ever encountered before. It’s smart, vicious, and lethal, and putting herself between this creature and her neighbors might just cost her everything."

I absolutely loved Clean Sweep. It was the first book I've ever read by best selling authors Ilona Andrews (a husband and wife team), suggested to me greatly by my husband, who is a big fan of her Magic Bites series. Dina is a strong female character more than capable of protecting herself. Her Inn reminds me of Heterodyne Castle from the Girl Genius webcomic, just magic fantasy and not steampunk. I’ve never been a fan of books with werewolves and vampires, but the initial interactions between Dina and the werewolf Sean were highly amusing, especially when his “welcome is withdrawn.” Clean Sweep is an intriguing blend of fantasy magic and sci-fi tech. Clean Sweep was originally posted chapter by chapter online for free reading, but I quite enjoy having a physical copy in my hands. The next book of the Innkeeper Chronicles, Sweep in Peace, can also be read for free online here: demo.ilona-andrews.com I've read the first four chapters already and look forward to also owning a printed copy of that book once it is released.

Up next on my to read list:
The Nameless Dwarf by D.P. Prior
Sunbolt by Intisar Khanani
Thorn by Intisar Khanani
on Aug 5, 2014
Northeast Ohio fans, want to get your hands on signed print copies of The Chronicles of Midgard series or The Priestess Trilogy? You can enter to win these at Marc's in Medina (1041 N. Court St., Medina OH 44256)! Enter to win the the Customer Service counter between the dates of August 6th through August 16th, 2014. One win will be draw for each giveaway. Limit one entry per person. No purchase necessary. Winners will be notified via phone or email for in store pick-up. Questions? Call Marc's at 330-722-3399
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Title: Otherborn
Series: Otherborn, #1
Author: Anna Silver

Publisher: Sapphire Star Publishing
Release Date: April 4, 2013

Genre: YA dystopian / science fiction

Confined within Capital City’s concrete walls, London keeps an impossible secret: she dreams. And she’s not alone. Her friends are seeing themselves in “night pictures” too, as beings from another world. Together they uncover the story of their avatars, astral shamans they call Otherborn. 

When one Otherborn is murdered and another goes missing, London realizes someone is hunting them. Escaping along the Outroads, they brave the deserted Houselands with only their Otherborn to guide them. Can they find their friend before the assassin finds them?

"Anna Silver weaves a dark new world full of taut suspense and characters that leap off the page." –Sophie Jordan, NYT bestselling author of the Firelight trilogy

"Travel to a world where dreaming is a radical act that can save the world… Anna Silver’s post-apocalyptic vision is rich with imagery and metaphysical ideas, grounded by vivid, three-dimensional characters. A truly fresh take on dystopian." –Nina Berry, author of the OTHERKIN series

Read the first five chapters here: http://www.wattpad.com/story/12024518-otherborn

About the Author

Anna Silver is an author and artist living in the greater Houston area with her family, pets, and overactive imagination. Her art has been featured in the Houston gallery Las Manos Magicas. She studied English Writing & Rhetoric at St. Edward’s University. She's freelanced for private clients and small publications like the Hill Country Current. OTHERBORN, her first published novel, has been featured on 2 of Amazon's "Bestsellers" lists. ASTRAL TIDE is her second published novel.

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