Review: Falls the Shadow (The Chronicles of Midgard #1) by Melissa Sasina

on May 9, 2012
Everything was taken from her: her family, her home, and nearly her life.

Now, two years later, Maeja is still haunted by what the Empire did to her. But a new deception is afoot: the Empire is seeking five sacred treasures to reawaken the dark god, Loki, which could plunge all of Midgard into irraparable darkness...

With betrayal fresh in mind, she seeks to reclaim the ancient treasures before they fall into enemy hands. She is joined by the pirate Ril and his accompolice Mjrn, and the roguish rebels Conner and Linkyn.

Their unlikely alliance is now the only defense against an Empire that could destroy all of Midgard. Embark with Maeja on a treasure hunt of epic proportions...

Genre: Fantasy

Review: No! It can't be over! That's how I felt when I finished this book. Not in a bad way, the ending was great but I had fallen in love with the story that I didn't want it to end. Luckily this is just the first in the series. There was so much I loved about this book that I'm a little unsure where to start.

I guess I'll start with map at the beginning, the gamer in me loved it. It was also a helpful aid to such a complex story. The story itself has an incrdible amount of detail and everything was easy to imagine. Though how Melissa Sasina keeps track of all these characters I don't know but she certainly makes it look easy. The characters are many yet they each have distinct personalities and interesting names. I will admit that at first I had a hard time keeping track of who was who but by chapter three I had everyone sorted. The book follows every characters storyline yet is never slow and the characters paths come together in well thought out ways that utimately bring the story together. I even found myself excited about the 'villians' storyline. The villians you'll discover are more complex than your typical 'bad' guys.

I loved the mystery element of slowly discovering parts of each characters background while other parts were still hidden. Several characters still remain unknown which makes me even more excited to read book 2. I could barely put this book down and I'm looking forward to book 2! If you like the Lord of the Rings Trilogy or The Inheritance Cycle then I'm sure you'll love Falls the Shadow! 

About the Author: 
Born in 1982 in Cleveland, Ohio, Melissa Sasina has always been an avid lover of fantasy.The first book she began to write seriously for publication was The Priestess. Completed in 2008, the book was separated into a trilogy and published in 2010. It is currently undergoing reediting and will be re-released as both the individual books and as a one book collection, The Priestess: A Complete Collection. Her current book series is The Chronicles of Midgard, which will be a five book collection once completed.

About the Reviewer:
Mallory Farnham is bookworm, book reviewer, and aspiring author. Since early 2012 she has been reviewing indie and traditionally published books at She spends her time reading, gaming, drinking tea, writing, and wishing there were more dragon books. Connect with her on twitter and instagram @malloryfarnham


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