Review: Siren's Fire by K. M. Wells

on May 24, 2012
Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

Genre: Romance / Mystery / Fantasy

I have alot to say about this book and while it may seem like I didn't like it, I really did.

The Good Things:
I found the story itself to be very unique, a young woman discovers her family are Sirens, able to command almost anyone to do whatever they want. Her love interest is a Muse, able to inspire anyone. The Sirens and Muses are archenemies, so their relationship was very Romeo/Juliet. The story mostly takes place in Rome, which was a refreshing change from most novels. Alot of history and some mythology was put in which also made the story interesting.

The Not-So-Good Things:
Parts of a few sentences were told in a different perspective than the rest of the story. In fact it starts in the first sentence, "I stepped out onto the balcony, amazed at how beautiful Rome is." This sadly gets the reader off on the wrong foot to begin with. Several important scenes were told in flashback, such as the heroine meeting the hero for the first time. It felt very odd to read and slowed the story down a bit. I felt that the story became rushed towards the end, and things could have been drawn out more.

This is the first in a series and I look forward to reading the second book, Fire and Ice. I think K. M. Wells is a great writer and the book has loads of potential but I think it just needs one last edit.


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