Review: Middle School Monster by Bud Harte

on Jun 25, 2012

Rating: 4/5 stars
I was really excited to read this book because it was sent to me by the author for reviewing. In short, the story covers a boy named Caleb, who is a troll (yes, when I first read this, I admit I laughed a bit) going to middle school. He has a friend (Josie) who is a water sprite, so he isn't alone in that sense. However, there are 2 vampires at his school who cause him nothing but trouble because vampires hate trolls. The vampires turned the humans into zombies to find a stone which will allow them to rule the world. It's up to Caleb and Josie to save everyone.

This story is written in a diary format (Caleb's teacher gives them journals to write in for a grade), which I really, really like. In fact, there are sort of 2 stories going on. One is for the teacher to read, which covers his average, middle school life. The other is for our eyes only, and goes into detail about the monster problems-the main focus in the book. This was really creative.

The story was fun, but quite short-136 pages long. I finished it in about 2 days, but went back and "analyzed" it. The ending, for me was a bit slow-you know that they will fix the problem-but then it is revealed that the teacher, Ms. Hinkmeyer is a monster and was sent to retrieve the stone. She ends up saving Caleb (who is the Stone Master), which brought a nice twist in the story for the end.

The only (mild) thing that I didn't like was that until the end, it was pretty straightforward. I would have liked some more twists and surprises.

This story would be best for, in my opinion, 10-14 year olds because it covers themes that they could relate to, such as bravery, change, trust, and confidence.


Runaway Pen said...

Excellent review, Melanie! I'm glad you enjoyed the book. Sounds like a really good read!

Mallory Farnham said...

Fantastic review, Melanie! The book sounds really interesting :)

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