on Aug 7, 2012
Hello everyone, my name is M. A. Bronson! Most of you probably know me from my book reviews on this site but you might not know that I am an author myself :)

Below, on the right is a picture of yours truly ;) and on the left is the cover of my novelette, Ashes, Ashes. Please give some serious props to T. L. Shreffler for this awesome cover! :) If you're interested, please enter our runaway giveaway (Giveaways! Free Stuff) and you could win a free e-book of Ashes, Ashes, a mouse pad and a tote bag. *Now closed*

Ashes, Ashes is a young adult vampire urban fantasy novelette, and is a companion to the forthcoming Tales of the Enchanted Forest series. The first book in that series is titled Under a Bridge, you can follow my progress on that story here:


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