Review: Anumal Empire: Lazarball by Darren Jacobs and David Ayres

on Oct 6, 2012
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Genre(s): Young Adult / Fantasy

Series: Anumal Empire #1


Review: Anumal Empire: Lazarball is unlike any other book I have ever read. 

The book takes place in a futuristic Earth, only the humans are extinct and Anumals are the reigning species. The story follows Clinton Narfell, a lion, as he fights for survival in this harsh world. 

I really enjoyed reading this book. The fantasy world that the authors have created is very vivid and distinct. There were a lot of mysteries, the biggest, probably being Dallas' hatred of Clinton. It is never really explained until the end of the book. While that was a tad bothersome during the beginning of the book, the way in which it is revealed is great. And overall this is the first book in the series, so it really seemed to be setting up the larger plot. 

Clinton was a interesting main character, no matter how many times he was pushed down, he stood back up. His devotion to his little brother is also really sweet.

Anumal Empire: Lazarball definitely stands out from the crowd! 

About the Authors:
Darren Jacobs
After finishing his A-levels, he studied Performing Arts in London on scholarship. Since then Darren has been lucky enough to travel the world, meet lots of interesting people, and do the kind of acting jobs he always wished he could as a kid. Recently, Darren won a scholarship to study Film Acting in New York City. Afterwards he decided to get his US work papers, and now lives in Los Angeles.
David Ayres
David is one of the authors of Lazarball, which is book one of the Anumal Empire series. Further books in the series are currently in production. Having spent some of his youth on stage and on the TV, he also writes television and film scripts. And is due to be awarded his BA Honours in English Language and Literature very soon.


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