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Falls The Shadow by Melissa Sasina

Falls The Shadow

by Melissa Sasina

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M.A. Bronson's review
May 09, 12
5 of 5 stars false
Genre: Fantasy

No! It can't be over! That's how I felt when I finished this book. Not in a bad way, the ending was great but I had fallen in love with the story that I didn't want it to end. Luckily this is just the first in the series. There was so much I loved about this book that I'm a little unsure where to start.

I guess I'll start with map at the beginning, the gamer in me loved it. It was also a helpful aid to such a complex story. The story itself has an incrdible amount of detail and everything was easy to imagine. Though how Melissa Sasina keeps track of all these characters I don't know but she certainly makes it look easy. The characters are many yet they each have distinct personalities and interesting names. I will admit that at first I had a hard time keeping track of who was who but by chapter three I had everyone sorted. The book follows every characters storyline yet is never slow and the characters paths come together in well thought out ways that utimately bring the story together. I even found myself excited about the 'villians' storyline. The villians you'll discover are more complex than your typical 'bad' guys.

I loved the mystery element of slowly discovering parts of each characters background while other parts were still hidden. Several characters still remain unknown which makes me even more excited to read book 2. I could barely put this book down and I'm looking forward to book 2! If you like the Lord of the Rings Trilogy or The Inheritance Cycle then I'm sure you'll love Falls the Shadow:)
Jane's review
Dec 08, 11
4 of 5 stars false

The cover art to this novel is very pretty and the addition of a map at the beginning of the book is a nice touch. We are given in depth background information at the start about the ‘Life Tree’ the history of the Gods and of Midgard which shows the writer paid a lot of attention to detail and has great understanding of her chosen subject.

This author is very fond of metaphors and similes which can become a bit tiresome, slowing the pace of the story. Another annoyance was the added information on so many sentences i.e.’Imperial mines ran deep through the mountains. Like veins stretching through the stone where mythril, a silvery metal that was harder than steal, and half the weight, was harvested’. It just seemed unnecessary and again slowed the pace and bulked the story without being relevant to the plot. That aside it is clear that MS is a practiced writer, and used all her knowledge to create a world that is easy to visualize without much of your own imagination needed. All the characters are fully developed, and the dialogue is fitting for the time (the year 848)

This, the first book in a five part series, is very well written with a complicated plot, the ending is open but not with a breath taking cliff hanger, (phew!) We are given action, humour, Gods, portals and hidden worlds in this imaginative Norse myth fantasy and I would recommend it to all fans of the genre.

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Christine Balne's review
Jun 15, 12

5 of 5 stars false

This was a fantastic book that I couldn't put down. The world is well detailed and reminiscent of Norse mythology. Names and characters have a Norse feel to it and it is obvious Melissa read much of the mythology in research to the story. The characters are engaging and it is easy to root for the heroes while still finding the villains enticing. All the names - of places, characters, races - must have been long thought out as they are full of the world's flavor, giving the story a richness and verisimilitude.

The ending, while no great cliffhanger of an ending, reels you in and urges you to start immediately on the next volume. I am eager to read the rest of the story as I can't let the characters go in my head. They have taken on their own lives, Melissa's prose bring bringing them to life beyond the confines of the story.

I cannot recommend this book enough and have already mentioned it to friends. Although I own the PDF copy, I believe I will have to own the hard copy as well - it is worth having a paper copy to add to my collection and will sit on equal terms with my other books.
 N. King

4 of 5 stars false

 October 19, 2012

Format:Kindle Edition
Falls the Shadow was a delightful change from the contemporary pieces read thus far, especially considering my limited familiarity with the Norse mythos. Melissa weaves an engaging tale, with wonderfully faceted characters and a compelling fantastical world.

Though her descriptive passages sometimes lack a personal connection to the scene's main character, it clearly set off her in-depth knowledge of the world, its history, and the future yet to be told. At times the quantity of short scenes left me with a feeling of disappointment, but not so much as to distract me from the story's progression.

There were some misused words sprinkled throughout (i.e. `where' instead of `were', or `surely' instead of `surly'), and some places where the narrative could have used some tightening but, again, it wasn't enough to irritate or distract. My biggest qualm was the sometimes impersonal description, for this really limited the developing relationship between the characters and me as the reader. If she were to weave more of the character's voice into those narrative bits... gold!

All in all, Falls the Shadow is an intriguing fantastical tale and I am eager to read the next installment.

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5. I wanted to love these characters, but the impersonal narrative kept me at arms length. That is pretty much the only reason I don't give this story a 5.

Would I read it again: Yes, I do believe I would.

Would I recommend it to others: Yes. It is a fascinating mythos.
5 of 5 stars false
July 23, 2012
Format:Kindle Edition
I read through this book in a weekend, it was so good! I absolutely recommend it to anyone who loves Fantasy, sky pirates, and rich mythology. Melissa Sasina builds a vibrant world with exciting, inventive characters. If you're a fan of JRR Tolkien or the Final Fantasy videogame series, you WILL LOVE this book!! I don't want to give away any spoilers but yeah, just read it, you will stay awake all night. :)
5 of 5 stars false
April 22, 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase
This is one of my favorite books! it is definatly worth the money!!! the very beginning is like a history of Midgard and i was sort of confused, lost, and bored, but once i got past that part i couldn't put it down. then when i finished it i immediately bought the sequel. i can't wait for the third book to come out :) and, just saying, Ril is adorable!!! i love him so much! he is funny and hilariously cocky and (obviously) incredibly cute!! lots of adventure and betrayals and it kept me guessing! a great fantasy read, plus i could totally envision everything in my head :)
on Nov 4, 2012
Hi everyone, M. A. Bronson here! So my reviewing doors have been closed for a while but they are now officially re-opened!

I'm really looking forward to reading your books! And I thought I would take this blog post to go into detail about how I do reviews and any other information that you as the author should know. I decided a format of questions you may have and my answers would be best. :)

Please be aware that every reviewing site and book reviewer is different and that these answers speak only for myself.

1. What do I send the reviewer?

Your email to myself at authormabronson@yahoo.com should include the following:
  • Your pen name (if applicable) 
  • The title of your book
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  • And any other important information such as it being an advanced readers copy or if you want the review posted by a certain day, etc. 
*Please note that they don't have to be in a bullet list like above, they just need to be present somewhere in your email.*

Now I will respond either way if I'm going to review your book or not, If I decide not to review your book, I will send you an email informing you of this, it's probably because I am busy so please do not take it personally. :)

If I do decide to review your book than I will respond to your email, with my acceptance and when I anticipate my review will be posted. Then what you should send me is a kindle/mobi file of your book and a jpeg. of the cover. *Please note that I do not review any other format besides kindle mobi.* If you need to turn your manuscript into a mobi file I recommend http://calibre-ebook.com/ free download. 

2. When will your review by completed? Where will it be posted?

It usually takes me about four to five days to read a book. Please note that this time varies depending on if it is a novel, novella or novelette but that is the general amount and I will inform you if I expect my review to take longer. 

My reviews are posted on this blog, amazon.com and goodreads.com and the occasional smashwords if the author does not publish with amazon. 

What genres of books do you review?

I review the following:
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I do have favorite several favorite genres ~ Young Adult Paranormal Romance, Fantasy and my new favorite - Historical/Paranormal. In fact I am really into Historical/Paranormal right now so if you have a book in that genre be sure to send me a request. 

If you're unsure whether your book falls into these categories simply state that in your email along with the genre(s) you think it best falls under. 

Lastly, I know it can be daunting sending your book to someone who could tear you down with their review. But when it comes to my reviews, I'm your friend, I will never bash an author or their book and when I give constructive criticism it is just that, constructive. I'm here to praise you for your good writing and give you some tips on what I think could have been better.

Also I realize that, especially being an indie author and with many of us writers being shy (like myself) it can be nervous sending a request to someone you have never even met but don't worry, the important thing is to remain polite, respectful and remember, there is a pretty good chance that I will love your book. ;)

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Genre(s): Young Adult / Paranormal 

Series: The Ethereal Crossings #2

Blurb: Liv thought she would be able to return to her usual self once everything was taken care of. But she's had to be careful to hide her feelings from Luke; her feelings of disappointment are getting to her, and she can't help but wondwer what the cause of her sudden fevers is. Until Dr. Wineman decides to tell her that she doesn't smell human anymore; he thinks her fevers are a symptom of the change.

Review: After reading the first book in The Ethereal Crossings, Shadeland, I could not wait to read Fenridge!

Fenridge begins a few weeks after Shadeland ended. Liv once again becomes caught up in a murder/mystery, because she just can't resist. ;) 

Liv is still an awesome main character, she's goes through a lot in this book, many changes. Much of what she thought she knew about her family and friends, turns about to be wrong, and the reader feels a lot of sympathy for her. The relationship between her and Jared also takes a step up, which will please readers who have been rooting for this romance. 

We are introduced to some new Eidolons as well. And more of Liv's family, we also learn a few interesting things about her past. 

The paranormal/fantasy elements of this series jump right off the page. The author presents an exciting world of supernatural creatures that blends with our own. There are tons of surprises and unexpected twists. 

D. L. Miles is a great writer who keeps the reader turning pages! I am anxiously awaiting book #3! 

About the Author:
D. L. Miles graduated from Sheridan College and currently resides in Southern
Ontario. She enjoys Doctor Who marathons with her brother or perusing hair dye at the
local drug store with frieds. She is a young adult author, always in fantasy and the like. Currently she has two series on the go, and about two more in the works. 
Connect with her at http://dlmilesbooks.wordpress.com/ :)