Book Reviewer Update #2 - Open for reviews!

on Nov 4, 2012
Hi everyone, M. A. Bronson here! So my reviewing doors have been closed for a while but they are now officially re-opened!

I'm really looking forward to reading your books! And I thought I would take this blog post to go into detail about how I do reviews and any other information that you as the author should know. I decided a format of questions you may have and my answers would be best. :)

Please be aware that every reviewing site and book reviewer is different and that these answers speak only for myself.

1. What do I send the reviewer?

Your email to myself at should include the following:
  • Your pen name (if applicable) 
  • The title of your book
  • The genre of your book
  • The word count
  • Synopsis/Blurb of the book 
  • And any other important information such as it being an advanced readers copy or if you want the review posted by a certain day, etc. 
*Please note that they don't have to be in a bullet list like above, they just need to be present somewhere in your email.*

Now I will respond either way if I'm going to review your book or not, If I decide not to review your book, I will send you an email informing you of this, it's probably because I am busy so please do not take it personally. :)

If I do decide to review your book than I will respond to your email, with my acceptance and when I anticipate my review will be posted. Then what you should send me is a kindle/mobi file of your book and a jpeg. of the cover. *Please note that I do not review any other format besides kindle mobi.* If you need to turn your manuscript into a mobi file I recommend free download. 

2. When will your review by completed? Where will it be posted?

It usually takes me about four to five days to read a book. Please note that this time varies depending on if it is a novel, novella or novelette but that is the general amount and I will inform you if I expect my review to take longer. 

My reviews are posted on this blog, and and the occasional smashwords if the author does not publish with amazon. 

What genres of books do you review?

I review the following:
  • Young Adult Fantasy
  • Young Adult Paranormal Romance
  • Paranormal/Fantasy Fiction
  • Urban Fantasy 
  • Historical/Paranormal Fiction
I do have favorite several favorite genres ~ Young Adult Paranormal Romance, Fantasy and my new favorite - Historical/Paranormal. In fact I am really into Historical/Paranormal right now so if you have a book in that genre be sure to send me a request. 

If you're unsure whether your book falls into these categories simply state that in your email along with the genre(s) you think it best falls under. 

Lastly, I know it can be daunting sending your book to someone who could tear you down with their review. But when it comes to my reviews, I'm your friend, I will never bash an author or their book and when I give constructive criticism it is just that, constructive. I'm here to praise you for your good writing and give you some tips on what I think could have been better.

Also I realize that, especially being an indie author and with many of us writers being shy (like myself) it can be nervous sending a request to someone you have never even met but don't worry, the important thing is to remain polite, respectful and remember, there is a pretty good chance that I will love your book. ;)


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