Review: Fenridge (The Ethereal Crossings #2) by D. L. Miles

on Nov 4, 2012
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Genre(s): Young Adult / Paranormal 

Series: The Ethereal Crossings #2

Blurb: Liv thought she would be able to return to her usual self once everything was taken care of. But she's had to be careful to hide her feelings from Luke; her feelings of disappointment are getting to her, and she can't help but wondwer what the cause of her sudden fevers is. Until Dr. Wineman decides to tell her that she doesn't smell human anymore; he thinks her fevers are a symptom of the change.

Review: After reading the first book in The Ethereal Crossings, Shadeland, I could not wait to read Fenridge!

Fenridge begins a few weeks after Shadeland ended. Liv once again becomes caught up in a murder/mystery, because she just can't resist. ;) 

Liv is still an awesome main character, she's goes through a lot in this book, many changes. Much of what she thought she knew about her family and friends, turns about to be wrong, and the reader feels a lot of sympathy for her. The relationship between her and Jared also takes a step up, which will please readers who have been rooting for this romance. 

We are introduced to some new Eidolons as well. And more of Liv's family, we also learn a few interesting things about her past. 

The paranormal/fantasy elements of this series jump right off the page. The author presents an exciting world of supernatural creatures that blends with our own. There are tons of surprises and unexpected twists. 

D. L. Miles is a great writer who keeps the reader turning pages! I am anxiously awaiting book #3! 

About the Author:
D. L. Miles graduated from Sheridan College and currently resides in Southern
Ontario. She enjoys Doctor Who marathons with her brother or perusing hair dye at the
local drug store with frieds. She is a young adult author, always in fantasy and the like. Currently she has two series on the go, and about two more in the works. 
Connect with her at :)


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