Review: Winter by S. D. Rasheed

on Dec 6, 2012
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Genre(s): Young Adult / Historical / Fantasy

Blurb: Set in England during the early 19th century and told in the first person 
perspective of several characters, Winter is the first part of the trilogy. 
When two young women ( Leah and Chasity ) meet the same mysterious man 
under completely different circumstances neither of the two realize it
 at first. But as time passes and strange events unfold they'll
 discover the ominous secret that surrounds the blue haired 
man only known as Winter.

Review: I absolutely loved Winter by S. D. Rasheed! This novella uniquely alternates between the perspectives of two of the main characters, Leah and Charity. Because of this, we were able to see the story unfold from several different angles, it was told from other perspectives later. While it is often hard to evenly pace novellas or novelettes, S. D. did an awesome job of it.

One slight thing, at the end we received a quick retelling of the story from Winter's point of view. This felt rushed and a little unnecessary. I think his perspective should have been included in the original story or in his own, separate short story.

 A lovely blend of historical and fantasy I can't wait to see where the story goes next! Winter pulls you in with excitement intrigue and doesn't let you go until the last page!

About the Author:
S.D. Rasheed's writing career began in 2012 with the short story Linaje. With continued devotion and dedication to learn the tricks of the trade she's eager to become a memorable author. Look forward to more stories from this aspiring writer in the near future.
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About the Reviewer: 
M. A. Bronson is a bookworm, book reviewer, and aspiring author. Since early 2012, she has been reviewing indie and traditionally published books at She spends her time reading, gaming, drinking tea, writing, and studying Greek mythology. M lives in Upstate New York. Connect with her on twitter and instagram @theprincessmab


Sakinah_R said...

I appreciate the review M.A. Thanks! ^^

I had thought about using Winter's perspective as a stand alone short story but decided not to.

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