Volcrian's Hunt Book Trailer!

on Jan 3, 2013
Well, I'm releasing the Volcrian's Hunt book trailer way before the cover has been designed. Lucky youuuu!

Release date: Summer 2013


Intisar Khanani said...

Great trailer! ...but I think they might kiss in the book. just saying. :P What's your experience with one media been like? I'm curious what you think of it.

Runaway Pen said...

I love One True Media... I tried using other programs like Windows Movie Maker and iMovie, but it was just too complicated and took too long. One True Media is free, easy to use, and comes with a ton of cool transitions and effects. I'd highly recommend!

Evie said...

It's a great trailer!!! :) One of the better ones I've seen around! I'll definitely make sure to check this book out :) Thanks for sharing!

Runaway Pen said...

Thank you very much, Evie! And thanks for checking out my books! Glad you enjoyed the trailer. :)

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