Review: 100 Years of Winter (Winter #2) by S. D. Rasheed

on May 10, 2013
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Genre: Young Adult / Historical / Paranormal

Series: Winter #2

Blurb: A century has passed since Leah Galashiels freed the mysterious blue haired man only known as Winter from a witch's curse. In return for her service, Leah was granted 1000 years of life by Winter's side. 

The anniversary of their union is marred by death and betrayal as a chain of events occur that will open Leah's eyes to the true intentions of the man she loves.

Review: Leah returns in this exciting sequel, with her is Winter, the Pandora, together they've been killing humans and devouring their souls for the last century. But Leah doesn't feel the same way for the strange blue-haired man she once thought she loved. In fact, she is beginning to have some very serious doubts. Something Winter won't stand.

Leak definitely matured a lot during this novella, in the previous installment she was sort of brain-washed by Winter. But now, she realizes her mistakes and takes responsibility for the wrongs she did. She finds great support from some of her fellow characters and eventually finds a true love of her own.

The reader is introduced to some new and interesting characters. Including the demon hunters, Nox and Blackwood. They gave a new edge to the story and helped make it even better than the first one.

At times it was a little hard to follow the changing perspectives, I often wasn't sure who was speaking at first. I would have liked some of the new characters to have a little more of an introduction and some back story.

The paranormal/fantasy elements were wonderful, and the story fits seamlessly with its prequel. While Winter seemed to focus more on the historical parts, I felt that this novella focused more on the paranormal/fantasy aspects of the story.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading 100 Years of Winter! S. D. Rasheed has an awesome imagination!

S.D. Rasheed's writing career began in 2012 with the short story Linaje. With continued devotion and dedication to learn the tricks of the trade she's eager to become a memorable author. Look forward to more stories from this aspiring writer in the near future.
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Sheena-kay Graham said...

That's one steamy cover. Would like to read how Leah's matured myself, thanks for sharing.

Mallory Farnham said... is a YA novella so there's nothing really risque in it. ;) Perhaps I should have phrased it differently, thanks for your comment. :D

Sakinah_R said...

As always, thanks for the review M.A. :)

I'll continue honing my writing skills in my future projects as soon as I decide what I want to write next.

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