on May 27, 2013
Updates from author Melissa Sasina: 
Betrayal, book two of the Priestess Trilogy, will be re-released soon, so keep an eye out for its arrival. Book three, Eclipse, will follow shortly after, as well as The Priestess: The Complete Collection which will be all three books in one and only available in print format.

Fans of the Chronicles of Midgard Series: I have begun work on book three, Opening of Lost Doors, which will be released late this year of early next year, official date TBA. I would also like to announce that when the fifth (and final) book of the series has been released, I will also be offering  The Chronicles of Midgard Compendium: a comprehensive guide into the world, history, races, and characters of the series. It will be a full color, detailed look into the series, complete with spoilers, and feature artwork from the contest as well. Perfect for fans of the series and gamers alike.

Other news:
Upcoming WIP's:
Rogue's Dance is a fantasy novel set in a world filled with elves, dwarves, magic, and battles. Rogue's Dance follows the trials faced by the gnomish thief Esla after being caught not only red-handed, but betrayed by her mentor. Full of danger and an unusual assortment of traveling companions.

Alyce is an urban fantasy set in the big city. Alyce Thorne discovers her everyday mundane life is about to change with the coming of a storm. Magic meets modern day life in this tale of a woman trying to find her way back home.


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