Love for Defiance!

on Jul 27, 2013
The book blog tour has ended for Defiance. Several wonderful blogs shared links and reviews as well 
as a song list and interviews.  In celebration, I thought I would share some of the reviews
 that have been posted posted on Goodreads:

" The characters are varied, they’re heroic, flawed, brave, some were a combination of all traits,
even Shiovra with her reaction to, and actions with Odhrán, was imperfect and that fact made 
each of them more believable and realistic."
~ Jane

"The reader is introduced to an intriguing place of magic and battle. Cunning enemies and a vast 
detailed landscape. Several secrets remain hidden and I am anxious to read the next book, Betrayal."
~ M.A. Bronson

 "What I loved most about this story was the way Sasina created a world you could get lost in. 
Her imagery was detailed and painted Tara as a fantastical place that I could envision 
in my mind through her writing."
~ T.M. Smith


  "I wasn't sure exactly what to expcet when I first began Defiance, but needless to say I am glad I picked it up. From the first page I was able to walk in the land with the characters and that is something some books lack in the beginning."
~ Lindsey

"It was absolutely fascinating to travel with Shiovra, and the men and women in her life. 
The details to this story are phenomenal and makes the story worth following."
~ Kj Partridge

          "The story line was great and very addictive> I felt the author painted a beautiful 
            picture in my mind with all the details, but not too many details that it bored me."
    ~ Black Words-White Pages

To read the full reviews, please visit:

Shiovra has been named High Priestess of the village Tara, but she quickly finds herself hunted by the Milidh, a clan born of war and vengeance. With the safety of Tara at stake, it is decided that she is to seek aid from her betrothed, one she considers the enemy.
At her side is Odhrán, a Milidh warrior sworn to protect her and determined to gain her trust. But their journey is fraught with peril and Shiovra learns that darkness lurks in the hearts of her own kin.
Steeped in ancient Irish myth, this tale is spun of love, war, and DEFIANCE.


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