Review: Wicked Kiss (Nightwatchers #2) by Michelle Rowen

on Aug 3, 2013
My kiss can kill.

I used to be ordinary Samantha Day, but that's changed. Now, after one dark kiss from a dangerous boy, I can steal someone's soul...or their life. If I give in to the constant hunger inside me, I hurt anyone I kiss. If I don't...I hurt myself.

Bishop is the one whose kiss I crave most, but if I kiss him, I'll kill him. Then there's another boy, one I can't hurt. One whose kiss seems to miraculously quell my hunger. They're both part of a team of angels and demons that's joined forces in my city to fight a mysterious rising darkness, an evil that threatens everyone I know and love. I just wonder if I'll be able to help Bishop-or if I'm just another part of the darkness he's sworn to destroy....

Genre: Young Adult / Paranormal / Romance

Review: This book was amazing! 

Bishop is the perfect YA romantic interest. He is bad, but not over the top bad, he is mysterious and yet so completely in love with the heroine. The relationship between Samantha and him keeps you turning pages faster than the fascinating angel/grey/demon story-line, which by the way is genius. 

Kraven is my dream book crush! I love him so much! He is snarky, sarcastic, dark and dreamy. One of the best bad boys I've ever read. He brought so much excitement and interest to the relationship between Bishop and Samantha. The love-triangle was expertly written.  

I did have one problem with this novel. It felt like the second, third and possibly the fourth book compressed and sole as one. Which threw everything off and just made it an overload of information that came at the reader too fast. 

The ending was also incredibly disappointing, it was too stereotypical happily-ever-after. I felt that with all the drama, mystery and intrigue that the author had taken the time to put into this series that the ending was just not what I expected. 

Can I say personally how much I can't stand the two book series? I mean it's not really a stand alone novel, it's not quite a series, what the heck is it? 

My theory about this is that the publisher (stupidly) decided to end this series and not publish anymore. At least I hope....

Despite that I still give this book 5 stars because Bishop and Kraven are just plain dreamy! 

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