Help make "Defiance" and "Falls the Shadow" free on Kindle!

on Mar 3, 2014
...and pick up your own copy while you're at it!

Hello, fantasy author Melissa Sasina here! I want to be able to offer Defiance and  Falls the Shadow free on Amazon Kindle, but I need your help! Defiance and Falls the Shadow have already been marked for free on Smashwords, but I need your help to get Amazon to match that. The more people who report the free price, the more likely it is that they'll match it! It's just 3 easy steps:

1. Visit one of these pages on Amazon:  Falls the Shadow's Page  |   Defiance's Page
2. Scroll down to click on the "Tell us about a lower price" link under Product Details (it's a bright blue link, just above the reviews section)
3. In the pop up box, check "Website (Online)" for where the lower price is available. It will then let you enter the URL; just paste in me Smashwords link: Falls the Shadow (   |    Defiance ( Shipping and delivery costs are all zero, so just enter zeros on those lines, and hit "Submit feedback"
Done! (And huge thanks!) Then don't forget to pop over to Smashwords and pick up a copy for yourself. 
Please help share this event with your friends. Thank you all so much for your help!

And don't forget to check out the Art Contest! First place winner will receive signed print copies of Falls the Shadow and  Melody of the Dark!


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