Review: Opening of Lost Doors (Chronicles of Midgard #3) by Melissa Sasina

on Feb 12, 2018
In the snow-covered mountains, Odin's spear lies within a forgotten, slumbering city...

Maeja and her crew must find the relics of the gods before the Empire does, but acquiring Odin's spear will be no simple task. First they must escape from the Empire's capital city, then gain entrance into the long forgotten palace of Ostegrad deep in the icy mountains. There, Odin's spear remains securely hidden in a dangerous, trap-filled labyrinth beneath the fabled Shrine of Ages. Before the city will wake and yield its gates, Maeja must first prove her worth as a Valkyrie. Only then will she be able to lay her hands upon the spear.

With an army of walking corpses ravaging parts of the Midlands and the great serpent, Jormungand tormenting the seas, Maeja and crew are running out of time...

5 out of 5 Stars


I am incredibly excited to bring you my long awaited review of Opening of Lost Doors by Melissa Sasina! This is one of my all time favorite fantasy series and I loved this book so much!

Our story picks where Melody of the Dark left off. Maeja and Ril have escpaed Azrith and found their way to Ashylia, the capital city of the Empire. Their search for Odin's spear takes them to Ostengard, a fascinating city that has a lot of character. I really enjoyed seeing how this slumbering city comes back to life. All these different people coming together to stand against evil.

I love that this story is so extensive, and that we are able to watch it unfold from many different points of view. While we have our main group Maeja and friends, the story also follows Boss and several members of his Adventurer's Guild, as well as familiar faces from all over Midgard. Whenever an exciting event happens we are able to witness it through the eyes of someone close to the action. We even have a bit of the story from Severus' point of view. Severus is now the new emperor after the death of his father, as well as our main villain. It could just be my memory but it seems that we get a more in depth look into his mind and plans and I really enjoyed how surprisingly complex he is. We also get to see the inner workings of Azrith and several of Rils sisters make appearances throughout the story. They are always very interesting to read.

I think Maeja is a great main character, she has the quiet strength about her that I really like. While I  enjoy all the characters, it's no secret that my favorite character is Ril, the alluring and charismatic pirate. I love his sass. I was pleasantly surprised by the ample amount of time we spend with Ril in this novel, including learning much about his past. I like him even more now that I understand his history better. Also Maeja and Ril: I will ship it forever. <3 ;)

Norse Gods, speakstones, and exciting adventures can be found within! Highly recommend this series to fans of Game of Thrones and Forgotten Realms!

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