Review: The Temple of Tarkoth (Argetallam Saga #4) by Elisabeth Wheatley

on Feb 26, 2018
Janir Caersynn Argetallam is the girl who destroyed armies in an instant, but winning the war was half the battle. Returning to a homeland she can't remember, Janir is the most despised hero the country has ever known. Even after saving Brevia, hatred and fear of her magic-stealing powers condemns her to isolation. 

When a noblewoman's kidnapping sends Janir on a rescue mission into the heart of the distant Tathansain forests, it becomes clear a trap has been set not only for Janir, but for the man who raised her. Love and loyalty are tested. Oaths are broken and dark secrets revealed. And to save the people she loves, Janir may be forced to betray them all. 

Young Adult Fantasy

4 out of 5 Stars


Today we are heading back into a favorite series of mine, The Argetallam Saga, with book #4 - The Temple of Tarkoth by Elisabeth Wheatley. 

After the intense events of book #3, I was insanely curious about what would be next for Janir and her companions. And if you've read book #3 you know what I'm talking about. Since book #3 found Janir at odds with her true friends for some time I was quite eager for the gang to get back together.  While I definitely enjoyed this book, there were a few hiccups that didn't quite work. 

Unlike all the previous books in the series, The Temple of Tarkoth doesn't have a prologue. Something that I believe is a bit of a hindrance. After I finished book #3 I dove into this book but I found the beginning to be very confusing. I didn't understand where we were at first or how long it had been since the events of Chalice of Malvron. Also for some reason I assumed Janir would get her memory back once she returned to her family, but that isn't the case. I was once again confused by what she could and couldn't remember, it was a little disorienting. At times she seemed uninformed about events in book #3 but from what I can remember she knew what she was doing and what was going on. Maybe I missed something. *befuddled face* Unlike the previous books this one seemed a little stilted.

Janir has grown immensely and she is certainly more mature in this book. She is much more active and progressively becomes more self assured. I was surprised that she didn't remember Armandius, as their relationship is one of the things I love most about this series. On a similar vein, I'm a strong shipper of Janir and Saoven so I was disappointed by how little time they spend together in this book, but I know I like more romance than most readers so I'm sure no one else will be concerned with this.   

I really loved the chase sequence in the temple, it had a very Indiana Jones feel to it and I enjoyed reading it. Very adventurous, thrilling and well written. I also like the insight we get into Lucan's personal life. I was delightfully surprised by his relationship with Genvissa and the depths of his feelings. I hope we get to see more of Genvissa in future books. Spoiler* Genvissa isn't in this book but the way in which she's mentioned is a big deal*Spoiler end 

I'm still a big fan of this series and a few growing pains don't detract from the overall appeal of this book. I love this series and I'm looking forward to future books! 

See you all next month! 
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