on Apr 23, 2018
A warlord owes loyalty to no one, not even those most loyal to her. 

Ensaadi Talitha has always been able to trust Gilsazi, her most faithful general. But when Gilsazi is captured and held for ransom, her grandfather forbids her taking the army to rescue him. Her only choice is to seek out Ashek, the unforgettable Dunedrifter who saved her life more than a year ago. 

Ashek is willing to help, but demands a steep price. As it becomes clear there is more to Gilsazi's abduction than a band of simple bandits, the threads of Talitha's obligations and duties become ever more tangled. 

Only the cruel can survive in the brutal world of the Sandsea. And a heart is the one luxury an ensaadi can't afford. 


Genre: Fantasy Adventure Romance

5 out of 5 Stars

Review: Dunedrifter picks up about a year after the events of Ensaadi. Talitha and Ashek haven't seen each other since their duel, although Talitha has been keeping tabs on Ashek. Additionally Ashek hasn't forgotten the woman who put a sword through his ankle.

Talitha has continued to devote herself entirely to her people. But with her rising power comes enemies within the walls of Ilios.

I'm completely loving Talitha and Ashek's relationship. It's passionate but slow burning and slower than most romantic stories nowadays. They have yet to figure out what readers already know—that they belong together! I like that their interactions aren't just based around their mutual attraction. They have some very personal and intimate conversations about religion and past relationships. I also like that Ashek seems to be interested in a more long term relationship, if he wasn't I'd probably hate him.

Shaza and Kasrei feature more prominently in this installment. I'm not a big fan of Shaza but I liked him slightly more in this book. He does add a little somethings to the mix. Kasrei is quite cool and I enjoyed seeing her magian abilities in action. 

I'm really enjoying the size of this stories: novella length 30,000 words. Sometimes with large fantasy novels events and characters can become confusing but it's very easy to keep track with this series.

The last 30% of this book totally wrecked me. I don't want to say too much because spoilers. But oh my gosh I did not see any of that coming! Just crazy and intense. Only book #2 and she's already flipped the script. I am insanely curious about what's going to happen in book #3 since everything was just turned upside down. Loved it! 

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