on Jun 18, 2018
When everything is taken, only survival remains. 

Betrayed by those closest to her, Talitha has been stripped of her title, cast from her country, and sold as an anonymous slave into the gladiatorial arena of a foreign land. But betrayal may have come from much closer than she realized.

When the traitor who murdered her family and stole her birthright appears to watch the games beside the only man she's ever loved, Talitha is sure they must have worked together. The former ensaadi sets her heart on repaying their treachery, even if it costs her life. 


Genre: Fantasy Adventure Romance

3 out of 5 Stars

Review: After the absolutely intense ending of book #2, I was incredibly anxious to see what would happen next in Talitha's adventures.

Overall I liked this book but I do think it suffers a bit from being the middle of the story. My understanding is that this series will be 6 books in total: 5 about Talitha and a prequel about Kasrei and Gilzazi. Because this book is in the middle it ends up being a little lost when it comes to a strong beginning and clear ending.

The beginning was a little slow and drawn out. We spend a lot of time in the beginning meeting and getting to know new characters, who then don't feature in the later half of the book. Perhaps they'll show up again in later installments, if not I think it was time that could have been better spent. 

Things pick up some once Talitha enters the arena. I liked the arena and thought battle was well written and engaging. 

I was really hoping for more time between Talitha and Ashek, but they are together for very little of this book. Still we have a super sweet moment that I totally fangirled over. I truly adore this couple and I hope they get to spend more time together in the next installment. Based on the end I think we will. *fingers crossed*

The way in feel in regard to this is sort of how I feel about my favorite T.V. Shows, you can love a show and not like particular episodes. I love this series but this particular installment wasn't my favorite. I think it will be better in retrospect once the entire series has been released. 

Looking forward to book #4! 
on Jun 11, 2018
Skin black as pitch, nails like talons…

A mysterious illness creeps through Acantha’s people—one that even the most powerful healers’ magic cannot touch. When the affliction proves to be something far more sinister and a family dies, Noora Duskbourne finds herself trapped.

Blamed by the King for the incident, Noora’s only ally in her escape from the King’s fury is Vaeros, a man whose identity is shrouded in mystery. However, safety is not quite at hand as she is pursued by a Warder as skilled in the hunt as he is with the deadly arts of arcane combat.

A path wrought with danger awaits Noora and Vaeros as they discover that something harrowing lingers in the light—an ancient darkness that refuses to remain forgotten.

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