on May 31, 2019
Warsworn (Warlords of the Sandsea Book 7) by [Wheatley, Elisabeth]
Could you forgive your greatest betrayal?

Anakti the war goddess has been cast out and Zula commands Ilios’ armies, second only to General Gilsazi. A fragile peace has been forged, strained by the newly arrived Hudspethites and newly imposed religious order of the Lonely God. When the neighboring city of Mekba falls under attack, their defeat could end the new regime before it’s begun. 

If she is to protect the life she’s built and her adopted city of Ilios, Zula must confront not only her past, but the two men who destroyed her family—and broke her heart. Forgiveness is the cost for the future, but the siren song of revenge calls even as old loves begin to resurface. 

Warsworn is a 30,000-word novella and sixth in the Warlords of the Sandsea romance adventure series. 

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on May 10, 2019

Eternal life Inside is a digital paradise if you can make rent. Jim Chord can’t.

He already sold off the last of his childhood memories. The love of his life has ghosted him. He has nowhere left to run. When a trillionaire goes missing, Jim has one last shot to track him down and earn a reward that will keep him Inside forever. But the magnate seems to be dead, and that simply doesn’t happen. Not here. Not to someone with money.

The solution to this impossible mystery can only be found on the Outside - the grimy, blood-soaked physical world that Jim had happily forgotten. Now he must face the people and sensations he’d abandoned in a world where nothing is free and death is very real.

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on May 7, 2019

A double-date on a short weekend away... What could go wrong?

Peyton cajoles her best friend, Olivia, to join her and their dates on a mini pirate cruise. Peyton is loving life until it becomes clear that the ship is more than just a sentiment to the old pirate life and it’s a matter of time to figure out the mystery before she and her friends are tossed overboard for good…

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on May 3, 2019

 On an empty baseball diamond in a quiet Toronto suburb, a demon has been summoned.

Seventeen-year-old Alton is miles away, just wishing he had a tutor he didn’t outsmart or outmatch. His prayers are answered when Professor Victor Orvius makes an unexpected visit, offering to teach Alton magic without the restrictions. The only condition is that he follow Orvius’ rules and not ask too many questions.
Alton soon discovers he’s not Orvius’ only student. Reagan is a competitive young witch with a bad attitude and talent for sarcasm. Their personalities clash, causing trouble for both on more than one occasion, until they realize a greater threat than being one-upped.

The demon threatens not only their chances at passing their magic finals—it threatens their lives. If Alton and Reagan can’t learn to get along, they could be facing their deaths…or an eternity together, trapped in another realm.

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