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Mallory Farnham - Please send inquiries to 
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Genres I read/review:
Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Young Adult Fantasy
Fantasy/Paranormal Fiction
Paranormal/Historical Fiction
Urban Fantasy

Mallory Farnham is a book reviewer and author. She reviews full-length novels, novellas and novelettes. She prefers that there be some sort of romance in the books she reads even if it is not the main focus of the story. She has set a goal to read 1,000 books, her current count stands at just over 800. You can follow her progress on goodreads. 

Intisar Khanani - please send inquiries to
Online Accounts: Facebook | GoodReads | Twitter

Genres I read/review:
Young Adult Fantasy
Fairy Tale Retellings (young adult as well)
Intisar Khanani is the author of numerous works including Thorn (a fairy tale retelling), Sunbolt, and the free short story The Bone Knife. She primarily reads young adult fantasy, which is what she writes. While Intisar enjoys a little romance in her reading, it isn't required and it should not be the driving force of the story. She is open to reading both full length novels and novellas. 

Review Policy:

All reviews are the honest opinion of the reviewer. Our reviewers support independent authors. We will ask for kindle editions/mobi files for review; please query with available formats if you do not have a kindle edition. 

If one of our reviewers feels that a book deserves less than three stars, she will not post a review and will inform the author by e-mail. The only time a low-rated review will be posted is when a commitment has been made to a blog tour company. Reviews are posted on the Runaway Pen, and The author can request a review be posted elsewhere but we cannot guarantee if it will be possible. 

Your book review request should include the following: 
  1. Your author / pen name
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  4. Genre
  5. Synopsis / blurb
  6. Important links (your website, where your book is available, etc) 
  7. If you need the review posted by a certain date
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